Frequently asked questions

What subjects do you cover?

We cover the following subjects: English (language and literature), Math, Italian, Science, History, Geography, Music, Art, Physical Education (includes various forms of Phys. Ed.), Special Project, Critical Thinking, Growth Mindset, Spanish and other languages, Computer Science, Theatre/Song. At the middle school level we add: foreign language choice, Technical Drawing.

Is it possible for my son/daughter to attend class only 4 days a week?

Yes, it is. We offer flexible schedules and homeschooling options to help with any logistical issues that your family may have. We also have an online learning system, as needed.

Nature is important for me, as a parent. Do students have class outside?

Yes, when possibile and when applicable to the lesson, we do have class outside. There are many benefits to this practice, including increased concentration that have been documented in various studies.

How is the school day organised?

During our group lessons, we conduct instruction in both Italian and English, and our native Italian students work together with our native English-speaking students. We apply a dual-immersion program. It’s truly an inspiring collaboration during which all students participate actively for the benefit of all present.

My son/daughter is very sensitive/nervous about switching schools. Will the other students in class be accepting of him/her?

We respect each of our students as people and we respect their individual characteristics. Therefore, our students follow our lead and they respect one another. The atmosphere is one of acceptance and mutual respect. Students work together to achieve their goals and they value the opportunity to learn from one another, though they may be different from one another.

Do the students have free time?

Yes, our students enjoy their free time, as needed. Since our students concentrate fully on the subject matter and tend to focus on their research/projects, their level of concentration is extremely high. Each student therefore, is encouraged to take a break when he or she needs it, in order to recharge, much like adults do at work. We also take two group breaks per day together (full days). Students can choose to play games such as checkers or chess, the group may choose to go to the park together, or they can choose to read a book or work on whatever they choose in the different areas of the school.

CSM Bilingual School

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Via degli Argini, 8/14, 50032 - 50032 Borgo San Lorenzo FI, Italia
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