[…] The entire course of study has been presented using various methods techniques that are efficient and at the same time, fun for my daughter to take part in. […]


Our Students’ Parents Say..

The Bilingual School at Centro Studi Mugello is the best school in the area! The personnel uses the most updated teaching methods and they have the right personalities in order to get the students interested in their school experience. The kids learn much more than they do at the state school due to the use of teaching strategies that really work. In today’s world, it’s necessary for all teachers to update their teaching knowledge and also understand how to be flexible in the classroom with the students. The kids have a great relationship with their teachers at CSM and therefore they are serene which results in their having a very strong desire to study! School subjects are taught in both languages and teachers are native speakers. In my opinion, it’s fundamental to learn foreign languages from a young age with the proper accent, and at CSM the students are lucky to have this precious opportunity.
I have two sons who attend the bilingual school and the after-school language program at CSM, and they ask me often why they don’t teach in the same way in the state schools. The administration is extremely available to answer any questions the parents or students have that come up and quickly resolve any issues that might occur. We parents want what’s best for our children, and I believe that it’s fundamental to start with a strong foundation that aims to develop the students’ subject matter but also helps to develop their personalities to shape them as people who will flourish in this ever-evolving world we live in.”
- Maria

“We’re writing as the parents of Nicole who took part the bilingual school at CSM this past scholastic year. Our experience there was extremely positive, and we’ve decided to continue sending our daughter to CSM also in future years. Some benefits we’ve noted so far are that Nicole’s vocabulary and grammar both in Italian and English is correct and fluent, even at this stage of her education. The entire course of study has been presented using various methods techniques that are efficient and at the same time, fun for my daughter to take part in. Nicole has a great time while learning at her school. The teachers are all available and approachable, dynamic, prepared professionals. They expertly teach the students and give them clear boundaries while being open, available, and patient. We are pleasantly surprised by our daughter’s positive response to the entire experience and also by the varied subject matter that the school provides such as having lessons outside in the park, yoga for kids, and computer science classes. The opportunity to raise our daughter bilingual is, for us, a precious investment for her future.”
- Ilaria e Riccardo

And the kids say: “I like my school because…

“The teachers are good and easy to be around and we do interesting activities.”
- Jacopo

2nd Grade

“Many reasons: like, because of the teachers, because of the fun, because we’re never bored, because we do theatre, because we do projects such as in computer science, etc. etc.”
- Valentino

5th Grade

“the teachers are good and we speak English which is a great subject to learn!”
- Amélie

4th Grade

“The teachers are fun to be around and nice!”
- Nicole

1th Grade

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