Bilingual International School

Mantra: Quality, accessible education for all

CSM Vision statement:
Our vision is to be able to provide quality services in increasingly competitive markets. We aim to be the point of reference for anyone, of any age, seeking instruction in any of our course types. Our hope is for our students to find their place not only in their home city, but also the world as is necessary now that we all participate in a global economy. We therefore aim to help create productive and globally-aware citizens.

Mission statement:
CSM, founded in 1994, exists to help students of all types reach their full learning potential and strives to prepare them for their future careers in a concrete, tangible and meaningful way. Our school considers the individual needs of each of our customers in order to make a quality private education accessible to all who are willing to put in the effort for growth. We aim to achieve this by way of implementation of innovative instructional and ideological approaches, methodologies, and techniques. We support our instructors by listening to their suggestions, offering input and providing professional development.
It is management’s goal to continue steady growth of the business while maintaining integrity and to create an environment in which all are enthusiastic to work, live and contribute. CSM is a place of creativity and openness of new ideas aimed at continuous betterment and growth.

Bilingual School Vision:
Bilingual School believes that the study of language enhances communication, understanding and knowledge and that language and culture are inseparable. We are dedicated to the concept of intercultural exchange through language with the intention to provide deeper cultural understanding and awareness through our language teaching. We believe that language teaching and learning and cultural understanding go beyond the textbook and the classroom, and we are committed to providing authentic experiences that will impact individuals as students, future teachers and world citizens. Our goal is to instil a capacity for cultural sensitivity that transcends individuals’ experiences at our school. Our hope is that this will become and remain fundamental in many aspects of their lives, including career, relationships, travel, and understanding of their individual role in a global society.

Bilingual School Mission:
The mission of CSM Bilingual School and TEFL Tuscany and all of its teachers is to provide a top-quality educational experience that is based on sound educational principles and techniques. Our helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly staff strive to help the individual student and cater to his or her personal learning needs and objectives. Our goal is to inspire our students to want to go further and to continue down the path toward their personal language and educational discoveries. We support all of our staff through open dialog and promoting ever-present professional development.

CSM Bilingual School

Via degli Argini, 8/14, 50032 - Borgo San Lorenzo Florence


Monday - Friday
8.30 am - 1.00 pm / 3.00 pm - 7.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday Closed


Via degli Argini, 8/14, 50032 - 50032 Borgo San Lorenzo FI, Italia
Phone: 055 84 95 765