Now accepting enrolments for the 2022-23 school year (pre-school and primary school)

The bilingual school that meets your needs perfectly, now opening in the Florence city center!

Are you looking for a school that offers a truly bilingual curriculum (100% English and 100% Italian)? Would you like your children to attend a school that adheres to updated teaching strategies and a native-English curriculum? Are you interested in giving your child not only a strong academic background that also allows them to blossom in a supportive learning environment that focuses on life skills?

We’re available to answer all of your questions by appointment!


Our new school location in the city of Florence is located in Gavinana, not far from the historical center. We offer a large parking lot and an easy drop-off option, and we are reachable by public transportation.

“Within today, tomorrow is already walking”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Why Us?

100% in English and 100% in Italian:
We offer all subject areas in both languages so that our students learn not only each language but also the subject matter vocabulary and skill-sets necessary to truly become fluent in both languages.

Classes with manageable numbers:
With a minimum of 6 students and a maximum of 12 students in every class, we’re able to give personalized attention to each and every student we have the privilege of teaching. We take teaching very seriously, and we believe that big classes are not conducive to an optimal language teaching environment.

Highly qualified teachers:
Our teachers are highly qualified both in their subject matter and in the study of teaching. As a teacher-training center, our school specializes in teacher preparation and implementing the most effective pedagogy and strategies in order to teach each of our students in the best ways possible.

More than the “traditional” subject areas:
We implement an interdisciplinary approach across all subject matter and in addition, we also offer: Growth Mindset, theater, music, yoga, coding and robotics, and critical thinking. This is all integrated in the weekly schedule.


“Even though the future seems far away, it is actually beginning right now”

Mattie JT Stepanek

How will this benefit my child?

Truly bilingual education:
Living both languages on a daily basis, the students’ capacity to really live, learn, and appreciate both languages quickly becomes natural and automatic

Inclusive environment:
Because our student body is made up of students from various cultures, the students quickly learn to appreciate each other’s languages and cultures. Our school welcomes spontaneous discussion whereby we discuss cultural differences and continue to appreciate one another.

Developing resilience:
As part of our curriculum, we study Growth Mindset which gives both teachers and students the tools to continue to develop their resilience strategies and a proactive mindset with which to face daily challenges


Other offerings

Homeschooling support and online options:
We’re available to study a personalized homeschooling support option and we regularly offer hybrid and online learning options, both full-time and part-time.

Extended hours:
It is possible to sign up for the extended school hour package. This means that your children can remain at school from 8 am – 6pm.

School lunch service:
We offer a hot school lunch service. Contact us for details.

Bilingual School Vision & our Mission

Bilingual School Vision

Bilingual School believes that the study of language enhances communication, understanding and knowledge and that language and culture are inseparable.

We are dedicated to the concept of intercultural exchange through language with the intention to provide deeper cultural understanding and awareness through our language teaching.

We believe that language teaching and learning and cultural understanding go beyond the textbook and the classroom, and we are committed to providing authentic experiences that will impact individuals as students, future teachers and world citizens.

Our goal is to instil a capacity for cultural sensitivity that transcends individuals’ experiences at our school. Our hope is that this will become and remain fundamental in many aspects of their lives, including career, relationships, travel, and understanding of their individual role in a global society.

Bilingual School Mission

The mission of CSM Bilingual School is to provide a top-quality educational experience that is based on sound educational principles and techniques. Our helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly staff strive to help the individual student and cater to his or her personal learning needs and objectives. Our goal is to inspire our students to want to go further and to continue down the path toward their personal language and educational discoveries. We support all of our staff through open dialog and promoting ever-present professional development.

Give the gift of a supportive learning environment that leads to a world of opportunities to your children!

Fill out the inquiry form, and you’ll be contacted very soon!

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