About our Staff

Experience and competence in school education for over 20 years.

A highly qualified staff

We are proud to present our staff as international, experienced, multifaceted, extremely interested and hard-working group from various different countries. We have native English speakers from various countries, native Italian teachers, completely bilingual teachers, and teachers from other countries such as Spain, Germany, France, and many other places. CSM is truly an international learning center.

All of our staff is competent in their subject matter as well as pedagogical research. It’s important for us to transmit enthusiasm not only for our students but also for each individual subject matter that we teach; having specialised teachers on staff is an integral part of this practice. Furthermore, all instructors take part in ongoing trainings, both internally and externally to keep on top of current research in education. Taking part in international learning groups and sharing experiences is fundamental to a healthy, growing, non-competitive school environment. Therefore, our staff puts into practice various teaching strategies that work, and we know that not every strategy may be appropriate for every student. As a result, many lessons are personalised for each specific group or individual student.

CSM Bilingual School

Via degli Argini, 8/14, 50032 - Borgo San Lorenzo Florence


Monday - Friday
8.30 am - 1.00 pm / 3.00 pm - 7.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday Closed


Via degli Argini, 8/14, 50032 - 50032 Borgo San Lorenzo FI, Italia
Phone: 055 84 95 765
Email: info@bilingualschoolflorence.com